Here's the scoop on ice cream!

Sue MacDonald - Saturday, December 24, 2011

I found the chart below while looking at the Food & Safety Bill signed into law early last year and thought I would share! The law does not change much for us, because we are already inspected by the Food & Drug Administration, the Washington Department of Agriculture and the Snohomish Health Department. Or, maybe I should say that as coffee roasters, it doesn't change much for us. But it was clearly more broad than that, and my research brought me to this chart.

How Healthy is Your Ice Cream
[Source: Be Food Smart]

I am certainly hooked on ice cream, and I always have been. We used to make it ourselves from our own cream when I was younger.  Now it is easy to just buy this flavorful treat. As a person might guess, I find that a good cup of fresh roasted Blue Stilly coffee goes well with this wonderful traditional dish!

That being said, this chart encouraged me to do some thinking about the ice cream I eat. Of course, where roasting and drinking coffee is concerned, I'm very conscious of things like Fair Trade and organic- but what about Fair Trade and organic icecream? When it came to ice cream, I had not really considered these in the past. I will definitely start paying more attention now. Nobody is advocating for ice-cream as a health food, but the number of red flags is easy to overlook. You might expect the chart to penalize you once or twice in the well-worn criteria like Fair Trade, but most people probably don't realise how often they occur.
One thing I was very happy to find: I don't think coffee counts as one of the ice cream ingredients that they are talking about avoiding, thank goodness! I scored 3 scoops. What did you score?

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