Blended Roasts

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For the Love of Blends!

There is a narrative that coffee blends are the combination of scraps - the left-over beans thrown together and masquerading as something creative or exotic.

For some roasters this may be true, but we blend for the love of blends - the pursuit of a great cup of coffee.

What goes into our blends?

Our blends usually contain two-five bean types, chosen by a process of many roasts and taste tests until the perfect combination speaks to us. All blends require fine-tuning. This challenge is part of our love for blends-it encompasses all the skills of a coffee roaster, pointing out the weaknesses and rewarding the strengths.

To envision a blend of beans is only the start; from there, the roast profiles and amount of each bean in the blend will produce a drink worthy of praise or a {insert term for bad cup of coffee}.


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