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What is a varietal?

The coffee industry adopted this term from the world of wine-making. It is defined as "Made from or belonging to a single specified variety of grape." Put simply, a varietal is a coffee drink made with beans from only one type(variety) of plant.

Beans in a varietal are siblings, in a sense. They can have more than one species of ancestor plant, but every bean in the varietal has the same ancestry as the other beans. This highlights the characteristics of a single type of bean, whereas a blend combines a number of plant varieties, giving a more subtle experience of each.

  • Colombian Coffee
    Colombian Coffee

    A medium roast with sweet aroma and taste and a hint of a chocolaty aftertaste.

  • Costa Rican Terrazu
    Costa Rican Terrazu

    Truly a tasty roast, with rich and complex flavor.

  • Ethiopian Harrar
    Ethiopian Harrar

    The Harrar bean is one of the most exotic coffees of the world. Harrar has the rich coffee taste finishing with hints chocolate and a distinctive fruitiness unlike any other bean.

  • Ethiopian Sidamo
    Ethiopian Sidamo

    A smooth coffee with floral and citrusy notes, yet spicy.

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    An exotic coffee from Ethiopia to excite your senses. Sweet notes, sugar, citrus and spicy with a silky body.

  • Guatemalan

    This organic coffee is beautifully nuanced with a delicate smoky tone.

  • Honduran

    A full bodied coffee with notes of cocoa and butterscotch with a rounded acidity.

  • Kenyan

    With hints of apricot, raisin, brown sugar, black tea, peach, coconut and a lively acidity you will find a silky, nectar-like body.

  • Paupa New Guinea
    Paupa New Guinea

    A mild and mellow cup with a rich, full body and palatable earthy tones.

  • Peruvian

    A coffee high-grown and highly prized for creamy mouthfeel and mild citrus notes, with toffee and caramel notes often emerging on the finish.

  • Sumatra

    This low acid, smooth medium roasted coffee is full bodied, with concentrated and complex tastes.

  • Tanzanian Peaberry
    Tanzanian Peaberry

    A brisk and more intense flavor than regular beans, peaberries create a wonderfully full-bodied cup, with superb fragrance.

  • Terruno Nayarita
    Terruno Nayarita

    A natural coffee from Mexico which has some characteristics of the Ethiopian Harrar.

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