Terruno Nayarita

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  • Terruno Nayarita

    Terruno Nayarita

    A natural coffee from Mexico which has some characteristics of the Ethiopian Harrar.

    • $15.00

    Note: The size pricing is added to the base price. For example, if you select the 5 lb $45 option for a coffee that is $15 for 1 lb, your total will be $60 ($15 + $45).

    We are pleased to offer this natural coffee from Mexico. This coffee has some characteristics of the Ethiopian Harrar we all love! Shade Grown and Certified Organic.

    Nearly all of the cooperative growers that produce these coffees are clustered around an extinct volcano, which imparts its special characteristics of soil type and micro climate to a bright, floral and citrusy coffee. Coffee Club $14.00

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