About Blue Stilly Coffee

One day, because of our love for coffee, we decided to learn as much as we could.

We had already tried many different varieties and ordered from many roasters. We decided to visit some of the local roasters and discovered we loved the drum roasted coffee, preferring it to the 'air' roasted. Drum roasted had more depth and flavor. We began to mail order coffee in bulk from our favorite roaster for ourselves, friends and family. We soon realized that it was time to strike out on our own.

We purchased a Diedrich drum style roaster. It was a small-batch coffee shop model in brass, metallic green and black. After training with the old owner of the roaster, we incorporated and started business. Next, we attended a training program at the Diedrich factory to hone our skills. Diedrich has expertise in the entire process of coffee making, and we built our knowledge base to encompass the details and the big picure, from planting methodology to the drink that will eventually be created. Branching out, we continued to apply different techniques and use new and old equipment in our quest to bring the most satisfaction to true lovers of coffee. It has worked out well for us, as we are HUGE consumers ourselves! We have tasted the growth of Blue Stilly Roasters while also bringing the coffee we love to our customers. A couple things have become apparent and grown more so along the way:

The number of blends, tastes and methods in the industry will not always agree on best practices, but the proper cup can be brewed with a bit of knowledge and passion for coffee.

Today, we offer a wide variety of blends and shade-grown and organic roasts, and deliver to homes in the north I-5 Corridor.

Our coffee is roasted to order, and shipped FRESH to your door in a couple of days. We sell via the internet, as well as by referral from our very satisfied customers! We will generally roast your selection medium/dark. However, feel free to request your personal preference when you order!

A sincere request: If you love our coffee, please tell everyone. If you don’t, please tell us!
Thank you,
Rick and Sue

If for any reason your purchase does not meet your expectations, we offer an unconditional 100% money back guarantee of your purchase price.

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