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  • Church Creek
    Church Creek

    Our Mocha Java Blend combines rich flavor and smooth but complex tastes with a smoky finish. A full bodied coffee.

  • Colombian

    A medium roast with sweet aroma and taste and a hint of a chocolaty aftertaste.

  • Ethiopian Harrar
    Ethiopian Harrar

    The Harrar bean is one of the most exotic coffees of the world. Harrar has the rich coffee taste finishing with hints chocolate and a distinctive fruitiness unlike any other bean.

  • Ethiopian Sidamo
    Ethiopian Sidamo

    A smooth coffee with floral and citrusy notes, yet spicy.

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    An exotic coffee from Ethiopia to excite your senses. Sweet notes, sugar, citrus and spicy with a silky body.

  • French Creek Espresso
    French Creek Espresso

    Our finest espresso roast with good creme' and complex flavor. This is a superb blend used by many of our espresso customers

  • Guatemalan

    This organic coffee is beautifully nuanced with a delicate smoky tone.

  • Half-Caf

    A 50/50 mix for those who want a lower caffeine blend.

  • Honduran

    A full bodied coffee with notes of cocoa and butterscotch with a rounded acidity.

  • Jordan Creek Blend
    Jordan Creek Blend

    A bit bolder than our Church Creek Blend, it is complex while still smooth in your cup.

  • Kenyan

    With hints of apricot, raisin, brown sugar, black tea, peach, coconut and a lively acidity you will find a silky, nectar-like body.

  • Pilchuck Creek Blend
    Pilchuck Creek Blend

    This tantalizing blend of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and African produces a full bodied cup and smooth finish.

  • Sumatra

    This low acid, smooth medium roasted coffee is full bodied, with concentrated and complex tastes.

  • Terruno Nayarita
    Terruno Nayarita

    A natural coffee from Mexico which has some characteristics of the Ethiopian Harrar.

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