Why Choose Blue Stilly?

Blue Stilly is a small scale coffee company that can be found in many farmers markets in and around Seattle, and does delivery every 2 weeks. The coffee is great, the service is just as good - and it's great to be able to talk coffee with the people who make it!

My wife gave me a small espresso machine for Christmas and I found our grinder was good for drip but could not get fine enough for espresso. Sue responded to an email for recommendations with details and an offer to sell a spare grinder she had! Now we get a wider range of grinds with more consistency for about what we paid for our previous one - evidently all burr grinders are not the same. Sue also gave recommendations on which roasts to try.

Sue made a lifetime customer out of us!

Randy Grein

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Supply Chain Updates 1/1/2022

It has been more than a decade since we have had to raise the prices on our Coffee Club--and it saddens us! However, this notice from one of the companies we work with explains things quite well. Click here to read more...

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