To Ice or not to Ice!

It is that time of year in the Pacific Northwest. One day is 51, rain, wind and the next 80! What to do? As we prepare for the Farmer's Market season the question is always, do we bring Iced Coffee?

March 11, 2024

It is that time of year in the Pacific Northwest. One day is 51 degrees, rainy, and windy, and the next is 80! What to do? As we prepare for the Farmer's Market season the question is always whether or not to bring Iced Coffee. Is it going to rain that day? Will it be chilly? There are a few out there that will drink iced no matter the weather- however, they are not always at the Market!

We find that cold coffee seems to be overlooked by many coffee drinkers. There is a distinction between cold-brew and iced, but many drinkers of hot coffee want little to do with either. We get it- the warmth is hard to replace- but other cold drinks, like wine, beer, sodas, smoothies or simply a glass of water, are consumed by people all over, despite the cold and rain. Hot coffee falls short of its cousins in a few areas. If health benefits are a concern, cold-brewed coffee has a scientific edge; it has far less acid than hot. Do you want convenience? Drink iced at any time and don't limit yourself to small sips- it will never burn your tongue! This next item is a matter of opinion, but many find cold coffees to be more versatile, which allows creativity and a large variety of drinks.

Of course, you can make your own at home, too, with some Fresh Roasted Coffee from Blue Stilly and an AeroPress!  It is so easy to use, and makes such a great cup of coffee, hot or cold!

There are a few things we love about the AeroPress method of making iced, or any, coffee:

  • The speed: once you learn to use the Aeropress, you can make a cup in just a few short minutes.
  • The size: Aeropress literally makes one serving of coffee. The unit is so compact, it's hardly inconvenient to take anywhere, or to store away. As you can imagine, some people love this, and some stay away from the Aeropress, but we find that it certainly has a place. For those who are always on the go with changing schedules, a fresh cup and no extra is only a few minutes away. For some, it's a luxury, and for some, it's a necessity. But it's inexpensive, and worth the money

If you would just like to sip your coffee and shop, here is our schedule for the summer:

Thursdays : Snohomish Farmers Market.    3PM till Dusk. Thru October 11th.  Check website for variable closing times, music and more

Fridays : Farmers Market at Willis Tucker
3PM till 7PM. Starting June 1st.  See website for directions, vendors and news.

Sundays : Everett Farmers Market
11AM till 4PM. Starting June 3rd.  Buy your market bag online!

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