Supply Chain Updates 1/1/2022

It has been more than a decade since we have had to raise the prices on our Coffee Club--and it saddens us!

However, this notice from one of the companies we work with explains things quite well:

"The majority of these bottlenecks are at US Ports, specifically on the West Coast, where we see an average wait time of 21 to 28 days for arriving vessels to find a equipment stuck waiting at the port. As a result, they are either not taking new bookings to the west coast or will do so only at the current spot freight rate, which can be three to four times our standard contracted rates for ocean freight. In cases that we don't have a direct ocean route, we're booking vessels going into any open US port and repositioning coffee domestically to meet our roaster's needs. Unfortunately, this adds both time and cost to every container load."

In light of supply issues and price increases on not just green coffee, but all components such as our bean and shopping bags, shipping ect., we regrettably need to make this decision. We continue to do all we can to hold down our prices.

As a result, the first of January we must increase the regular coffee club price by $1.00 per pound. This will help cover a portion of the increased costs.

As we all navigate our changing landscape, we wish you a happy and positive thoughts moving through the Holidays and New Year to come!

Stay Healthy and Happy!

All the best,

Rick, Sue, Jordyn and the rest of us at Blue Stilly

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