Blended Roasts

Autumn Leaf Blend
Autumn Leaf Blend16.00
Enjoy this organic combo of South and Central American with a bit of African blended in to make that smooth tasty cup. Perfect for these crisp fall days
South Seas Blend
South Seas Blend14.00
This blend of Indonesian and Central American beans produces a very smooth and flavorful coffee.
Sidamo Guji
Sidamo Guji14.00
The highland region of Sidamo in Ethiopia is likely the areas where Ababica was born. This coffee is from the Guji zone a rich area for coffee. More than 90% of the population work as coffee growers. Notes of berries, Earthy, Brown Sugar, Citrus Dark Chocolate, Floral & Licorice.
Pilchuck Creek Blend
Pilchuck Creek Blend14.00
This tantalizing blend of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and African produces a full bodied cup and smooth finish.
This is a coffee with low acidity and a smooth medium body, finishing with a slight citrus note.
Jordan Creek Blend
Jordan Creek Blend14.00
A bit bolder than our Church Creek Blend, it is complex while still smooth in your cup.
A 50/50 mix for those who want a lower caffeine blend.
Girlfriend Blend
Girlfriend Blend14.00
A full flavored blend with a hint of that dark roast taste in a smooth blend of South American and Indonesian beans. Have fun girls!
French Creek Espresso
French Creek Espresso14.00
Our finest espresso roast with good creme' and complex flavor. This is a superb blend used by many of our espresso customers
Decaf Blend
Decaf Blend14.00
A superb blend of beans French roasted, resulting in a rich cup of coffee.
Church Creek
Church Creek14.00
Our Mocha Java Blend combines rich flavor and smooth but complex tastes with a smoky finish. A full bodied coffee.
Calm Seas
Calm Seas14.00
Enjoy smooth sailing with this special blend in your morning cup!

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