Premium Varietals

Colombian Coffee
Colombian Coffee14.00
A medium roast with sweet aroma and taste and a hint of a chocolaty aftertaste.
Costa Rican Terrazu
Costa Rican Terrazu14.00
Truly a tasty roast, with rich and complex flavor.
Ethiopian Sidamo
Ethiopian Sidamo16.00
A smooth coffee with floral and citrusy notes, yet spicy.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe16.00
An exotic coffee from Ethiopia to excite your senses. Sweet notes, sugar, citrus and spicy with a silky body.
This organic coffee is beautifully nuanced with a delicate smoky tone.
With hints of apricot, raisin, brown sugar, black tea, peach, coconut and a lively acidity you will find a silky, nectar-like body.
This is a coffee with low acidity and a smooth medium body, finishing with a slight citrus note.
Paupa New Guinea
Paupa New Guinea14.00
A mild and mellow cup with a rich, full body and palatable earthy tones.
Features a spill-proof, lockable lid and is double-wall, vacuum insulated to keep hot drinks HOT (or cool things cool) for hours.
Tanzanian Peaberry
Tanzanian Peaberry16.00
A brisk and more intense flavor than regular beans, peaberries create a wonderfully full-bodied cup, with superb fragrance.
Terruno Nayarita
Terruno Nayarita16.00
A natural coffee from Mexico which has some characteristics of the Ethiopian Harrar.

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